Depression: It's payback time!

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Depression: It's payback time!


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Do you feel like there is a dark cloud over you, no matter where you are?
Is life an uphill struggle? This book is for you!



‘’I used to be depressed. That’s right; USED to be because I found a way to kick this inner “demon” out of my life for good.
But is it really possible? Well it happened to me and now I’d like to show you how to get there too. But be warned: This isn’t a book about learning to manage depression. This is a book about kicking depression out of your life and closing the door for good. So this means that you will be challenged, but it will be well worth it! Imagine life without depression, imagine the possibilities. Imagine…’’ Chrissy B.

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ISBN 9788571409149
Categoria Livro
Título Depression: It's payback time!
Subtítulo -
Autor(a) Unipro Editora
Editora Unipro Editora
Edição 1a
Ano de Lançamento 2019
Idioma Ingles
Formato Height 14cm | Width: 21cm
Peso 0.20000
Tipo do Papel Offset
Cor do Papel da Página White
Número de Páginas 126
Lombada Hot Melting
Tipo da Capa Regular
Cor da Capa White
Acabamento Lamination
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Produto: Depression: It's payback time!